Industrial Energy Efficiency, Taking Advantage of Utilities Rebates

In August we outlined a number of utilities rebates available for improving industrial energy efficiency in Massachusetts, presented through Mass Save. By installing or retrofitting industrial process equipment to be more energy efficient, companies can obtain utilities rebates from companies such as NSTAR in Massachusetts. Here are two companies in New England: New York and Maine who are taking advantage of energy efficiency incentives to improve industrial energy usage:

Richardson Brands
Richardson Brands of Canajoharie, NY hired SPEC Engineering to install a new low-emission boiler as well as other energy-efficient equipment for their candy manufacturing facility. The company received a total of $1.5 million in state funding to help pay for the project, which will both improve the energy efficiency of the plant as well as help the company grow to add more than 70 jobs in the next 2-3 years. The funding breaks down into an interesting mix from various organizations:
  • Empire State Development has granted them $500,000
  • the city of Canajoharie is contributing $750,000 with New York State Community Development Block Grant funds
  • National Grid has granted them $400,000
  • the New York State Energy & Research Development Association has pledged $398,180 to the project
  • Richardson Brands will contribute $385,000.

GAC Chemical
GAC Chemical in Maine manufactures chemicals used in wastewater treatment processes. They are undergoing a $630,000 energy-efficiency retrofit with the help of Efficiency Maine, a state initiative to help homes and businesses improve Maine’s energy efficiency. Along with support from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the state was able to help GAC Chemical finance half of the retrofit costs; both improving energy efficiency and helping the company compete on operational costs.