How SPEC develops Design/Build Projects (Part 3 of 3)

Detailed Design and Construction

Detailed design is simply be an extension of the design work done in the Design/Build Package.  Both architectural and engineering drawings will be completed to level of detail required for construction.   Detailed specifications will be written to supplement the drawings.  Our licensed engineers will stamp the required engineering and architectural drawings for permit submission.

Once a detailed design package is completed, the appropriate permit drawings are presented to the local municipal authorities for building permit review.  Concurrent with building permit review, SPEC will begin the final bidding process to pre‐approved subcontractors and vendors.

SPEC would select the subcontractors and vendors that represent the best combination of price, ability, and conformance with the bid documents.  Depending on schedule requirements, we can pre‐select key subcontractors to save time based on our initial design/build budget bids analysis.  SPEC can also pre-purchase long lead-time equipment for the project prior to final design being completed.   This can greatly accelerate the construction timeline.

Once construction is complete, SPEC will also perform validation of the facility (IQ/OQ testing).  SPEC can also assist in startup to run actual product in the facility, and provide operator training as required.