SPEC Works with NY State Funded Start ups: Part 2

With so much available funding from the state government, many businesses are now able to build new or retrofit existing facilities in New York State. For many small to mid-sized companies, these grants have allowed them to begin their first demonstration or commercial-scale building project. Determining the best course of action, however, can be a daunting task for these companies attempting to scale-up.

Some common pitfalls:
  • Failing to hire an engineering company that has all necessary disciplines in-house: Too often, companies have to hire more than one engineering firm to complete a project because most firms don’t have engineers versed in all disciplines. For new companies, having an all-inclusive engineering service keeps the design-build process organized, efficient, and cost effective.
  • Neglecting to hire a company that has performance, not just mechanical, completion written into the building contract: Young companies often don’t realize that their construction contract is for mechanical completion only (i.e. if the project is built according to the drawings but the process doesn’t work, it’s the client’s responsibility to fix it, not the contactors’). Building to performance completion ensures the final responsibility rests with contractor.
  • Not ordering long lead equipment and obtaining local permits in early project phases: The time it takes to complete these crucial tasks is typically under-estimated; failing to order long lead equipment early on and obtain local building permits can halt project progress, ultimately postponing project completion.
SPEC Process Engineering & Construction is a design/build firm that can help companies avoid these pitfalls.
  • SPEC specializes in working on projects that are companies’ first substantial scale up and understands the specific needs of these projects
  • SPEC’s design/build process can streamline the schedule by ordering long-lead equipment early, securing early permitting, etc.
  • SPEC is the single point of responsibility for the entire project: engineering, construction, and start-up
  • SPEC contracts to performance, not just mechanical completion
Projects Receiving State Funds Completed by SPEC:
SPEC was commissioned by a confidential client, initially, to provide process engineering guidance for a fermentation section of a pilot scale, cellulosic ethanol, R&D line. SPEC’s involvement soon expanded to include:
  • A full pilot-line design
  • Procurement, delivery, and installation of skid based plant modules
  • Purchase of long lead equipment to meet the client’s ambitious deadline
  • Successful supply all the utility systems and piping, final check out, and commissioning and start up of the facility