SPEC Works with NY State Funded Start ups: Part 2

With so much available funding from the state government, many businesses are now able to build new or retrofit existing facilities in New York State. For many small to mid-sized companies, these grants have allowed them to begin their first demonstration or commercial-scale building project. Determining the best course of action, however, can be a daunting task for these companies attempting to scale-up.

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New York State Incentives Explained: Part 1

New York State’s robust business incentive programs make it an ideal location for green manufacturing and industrial businesses, and recently has attracted some of the industry’s key players. Below is an outline of some of the Empire State’s incentives:

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SPEC Process Engineering: Thoughts on a Better Project Approach

If you’ve been in the industrial or facilities side of the world for a while, you’re probably familiar with the headache that starts about the time you find out you have an expansion or maintenance project coming up. You don’t have time to make sure the engineers and architect coordinate their work or to babysit the subcontractors while they’re working on site. More frustrating is that even if you wanted to hire someone to manage your project, most of the big industry players wouldn’t look twice at your “small” (read: under $20 million) project. 
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New Blog Launched for SPEC Process Engineering & Construction

SPEC Process Engineering & Construction would like to announce the launch of our new blog.  Contributors will include all of SPEC's engineers from disciplines including process, mechanical, chemical, electrical, and controls.  Topics will include useful tips as well as solutions and lessons learned from specific projects.  We hope that our wide range of experiences will provide a helpful resource to our readers and we look forward to your comments and questions.

SPEC Process Engineering & Construction


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