How SPEC develops Design/Build Projects (Part 3 of 3)

Detailed Design and Construction

Detailed design is simply be an extension of the design work done in the Design/Build Package.  Both architectural and engineering drawings will be completed to level of detail required for construction.   Detailed specifications will be written to supplement the drawings.  Our licensed engineers will stamp the required engineering and architectural drawings for permit submission.

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How SPEC develops Design/Build Projects (Part 2 of 3)

Design/Build Package

After SPEC has completed the Scope Study, and the client has reviewed and approved the package, work can proceed immediately on the Design/Build Package.

This involves the development of a comprehensive design package covering all aspects of the project.   This design package provides enough definition to accurately budget the full project and is bid to subcontractors and vendors.  SPEC then compiles the bids to develop a contract price for the entire project.  The end result is a comprehensive set of design documents covering the process and facility components of the project.    

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How SPEC develops Design/Build Projects (Part 1 of 3)

Part I
SPEC’s approach to Design/Build projects is unique, even within the design/build community.  Since we are frequently asked to clarify what our approach encompasses, we thought the topic was worth further explanation here.

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Storing & Handling Flammable and Combustible Substances

SPEC frequently works with clients that store some amount of flammable and/or combustible substances.  Obvious substances like gasoline and diesel fuel are flammable and combustible but even common products, such as polishes, waxes, adhesives, paints, cleaners, solvents, and thinners can pose a threat.  Ensuring that such products are properly stored, especially in an industrial workplace, can protect against serious fire or injury.  The NFPA and state and local building codes provide regulations and standards to employers for the handling and storage of flammable and combustible liquids.

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Owner’s Program at SPEC Process Engineering & Construction - Translating Your Needs into an Effective Engineering Outcome

The owner’s program model we have developed at SPEC Process Engineering & Construction is a document which allows the client, who is often not an engineer but a business owner or facility manager, to express the desired project outcome using readily available information within their own company. It is a practical outline of what you want your improved process or facility to do, helping us, the engineering firm, gain a clear image of your business goals with the project while avoiding any costly mistakes. At SPEC we prefer that the owner’s program be developed by the engineering firm rather than the client, and is tied into the design/build contract, often completed during the first study phase of the engineering project.

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Fixed Price vs. Guaranteed Maximum Price Contracts

Because SPEC works with a wide variety of clients and projects, we’ve found it useful to develop two contracting methods to better fit our diverse clients. We’ve broken down the two styles of contracts here,Fixed Price and Guaranteed Maximum Price, so that we can provide some guidance for any industrial clients facing this issue. 

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