HVAC System Design in Pre-existing Spaces

Designing an HVAC system to meet the requirements of a Class 1000/Class 100 pharmaceutical manufacturing clean room is not a simple task under the best circumstances.  I was asked to design this system for a clean room that was being converted from existing building space and therefore had ceiling space that was already congested with ductwork and piping that served other areas of the building.

I addressed this issue by completing detailed field documentation beforehand.  This allowed me to then design new ductwork that would fit in the existing space with all the existing ductwork and piping.

Danvers, MA Explosion, Ventilation Analysis

The large explosion that occurred at the Danvers, MA, CAI, Inc. manufacturing facility in November of 2006 was investigated by the US Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board.  Several key issues were highlighted in the investigation report (2007-03-I-MA), one of them being the safe handling of flammable liquids.

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Industrial Real Estate – the Importance of Local Communities

In several blog posts, we have discussed the importance of a variety of factors when purchasing or leasing industrial real estate.  Previous posts focused on topics like code requirements and the appropriateness of the building for industrial use, such as multi-tenancy, zoning restrictions, etc.  However, another significant factor in evaluating industrial real estate is the local community. The experience of a local company, while trying to relocate, highlights the challenges and pitfalls of heavy industry companies trying to relocate in facilities in a new community.

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Local companies taking advantage of existing manufacturing spaces

In previous posts, we’ve noted the significant benefits a manufacturer can take advantage of by relocating into an existing manufacturing space.  Three recent news stories provide good examples of manufacturers proving this point.

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Building Code Considerations for Hazardous Materials

What are the building code issues that you should be aware of when looking for a building if your company uses hazardous materials? This is one of the most frequent issues we address for our clients.

If your company uses flammable chemicals or has a process that creates dust that may contribute to an explosion, then the type of construction could be an issue depending on how large the area is.  The building code allows a given amount of square footage of hazardous area for each type of construction. 

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Relocating with Flammable Materials? 6 Factors You Need to Consider

Manufacturers that use flammable materials and are considering new real estate have more factors to consider than other industrial users.  Aside from factors we have mentioned in previous blogs, manufacturers who require storage for flammable materials should also take the following into consideration when evaluating industrial properties.

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