Strem Chemicals, Inc. - Newburyport, MA


Strem manufactures and markets specialty chemicals of high purity.
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Strem needed to upgrade their facility to provide H (high hazard) rated space for storage and operations.


The existing building had a previous design for H that included blast resistant construction.  SPEC utilized a deflagration mitigation approach to accomplish the same result at a fraction of the cost.

Project Highlights

·         Budget & Schedule

o    The contract basis was fixed cost construction

o    Project value: approximately $1.5 Million

o    Executed on schedule and on budget

·         Code Considerations

o    The facility design complied with Massachusetts Building Code and NFPA code

o    SPEC held a pre-construction fire department review of the design basis, including the State Fire Marshall’s office.

·         Rigorous Technical Requirements

o    A key project target was that the exhaust rate be no less than 1 CFM/sqft

o    Special utilities included standby power, LEL system with shunt trip, fume hood sash position flow control

·         Project Construction

o    Total building: 15,000 sqft

o    Area renovated: 5,000 sqft

o    All construction was performed during continuing operations