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Items starting with H


Pipe Hangers: Pipe hangers are hardware products that mount and support piping to machines and facilities. There are myriad designs for every conceivable piping application, including beam clamps, pipe hangers, pipe clamps, pipe rollers, pipe supports, concrete inserts, and brackets.

  • SPEC #: 18459
  • Code: 18-41-09

Helical Coil

Helical Coil Heat Exchangers. These heat exchangers, including a sister type called a spiral heat exchanger, refer to a helical tube configuration that are coiled to form the two channels in a counter-flow arrangement. Each channel has one long curved path. These compact units present a small footprint, have less pressure drop, less pumping energy, higher thermal efficiency, and lower energy costs. Due to their flow characteristics, they are virtually self cleaning. They are often used in such applications as pasteurization, digester heating, heat recovery, pre-heating, and effluent cooling.

  • SPEC #: 18176
  • Code: 18-07-06


Hoists. An apparatus for lifting heavy or cumbersome objects. Industrial hoists are usually comprised of a hook, a motor, a set of hand controls, and a series of gears or pulleys to provide significant mechanical advantage for lifting extremely heavy loads with minimum power input. Hand operated types are available.

  • SPEC #: 18257
  • Code: 18-15-07


Homogenizer: A piece of laboratory equipment, similar to household blenders, used for homogenizing various materials, such as tissue, plant, food, and soil.

  • SPEC #: 18624
  • Code: 18-16-24


General Material Handling: Hoppers/ Bins/ Totes/ Bags. These equipment are generally used to handle bulk materials, such as grains, ores, or parts. Hoppers are used for in-process storage where material is loaded into the top and removed from the bottom for processing. Bins are used for temporary storage or transport. They fill from the top and are emptied by tipping or inverting. Totes are flexible bag-like equipment that load and empty in a manner similar to bins. Bags, or sacks, are flexible containers that are usually closed after filling.

  • SPEC #: 18251
  • Code: 18-15-01

Hose Couplings

Hose Couplings. Male and female metal fittings, usually made of brass or plastic, that are attached to the ends of a hose or tubing to enable connection to a spigot, to another hose, or to a nozzle.

  • SPEC #: 18454
  • Code: 18-41-04

Hose Stations

Hose Station: Dedicated location equipped with a water source, a hose, fittings, and storage for this equipment. Available for fire-fighting, but primarily positioned in production and processing areas for routine cleaning of machines and facilities.

  • SPEC #: 18716
  • Code: 18-17-24


Hose. A flexible tube designed to transport fluids or gases. The term Hose is traditionally used to refer to reinforced rubber or plastic hose used to deliver water and other liquids under pressure for commercial or household applications. When made of lighter plastics, and used in laboratory applications at lower pressures, hoses are usually referred to as tubing. Hose or tubing is rated for size, pressure, weight, and chemical compatibility.

  • SPEC #: 18453
  • Code: 18-41-03

Hot Water System

Hot Water System: A system that uses a thermodynamic process that uses an energy source to heat water above its initial temperature. These systems are available in a number of sizes and powered from several fuel sources such as gas, solar or electricity

  • SPEC #: 15530
  • Code: 18-17-23