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Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter. This device measures the level of liquids, bulk solids, and slurries by measuring the length of time it takes for a reflected sound wave to travel from a sensor to the surface of the material and back. Transmission time is proportional to level. The device generates an electrical signal that can be used to control a readout or other device. Ultrasonic sensors can be designed to provide point level control or continuous monitoring.

  • SPEC #: 17530
  • Code: 17-05-03


Used Equipment. Preowned equipment that has been repaired, refurbished, and, if applicable, re-tested, and is being offered for sale at prices significantly less that new equipment of the same type. Ofter sold with limited guarantees.

  • SPEC #: 18806
  • Code: 18-00-06

UV Detector Wavelength Analyzers

UV Detector Wavelength Analyzers. These analyzers take light from a UV light source, pass it through a sensor cell onto a photoelectric cell, electronically modify the the output, and publish it to a potentiometric recorder, a computer, or a printer. It operates due to the characteristic of many compounds to absorb light in the ultraviolet wavelength range. With a monochrometer placed between the light source and the cell, light of a specific wavelength can be detected. With a broadband light source dispersed by prism and directed onto a diode array, individual diodes can be monitored for substances that absorb at that particular wavelength.

  • SPEC #: 17722
  • Code: 17-20-02