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Items starting with V

V-Cone Blenders

V-Cone Blender Dryers: Also called V Blenders, are used for mixing of solid-solid or solid with liquid in powder or granulated form. It has a V-shaped body held by two horizontal shafts mounted on a sturdy structure. The vessel has openings at two ends with covers and outlet butterfly valve for discharge. All parts that are in contact with the process media are usually made of stainless steel. These machines provide smooth mixing without deforming the particles.

  • SPEC #: 18194
  • Code: 18-09-05

Vapor/Liquid (Cyclones & Demisters)

Vapor/Liquid (Cyclones & Demisters) Separators. A demister is a vertical vessel into which a liquid and vapor mixture (mist) is fed, and separated. Gravity causes the liquid to fall to the bottom of the vessel from which it is removed. The gas travels upward, and exits the top of the vessel. A cyclone is an adaptation of a centrifuge. The liquid is removed from the vapor by centrifugal force, and like the demister, gravity moves the liquid down and out, while the gas exits the top of the system.

  • SPEC #: 18235
  • Code: 18-13-05

Vessel Passivation

Biopharmaceutical Vessel Passivation: Vessel Passivation. Passivation is the process of making a material passive or non reactive in relation to another material, prior to using the materials together. The chemicals or coatings used to passivate a vessel are determined by the composition of the vessel material and the composition of the material being processed.

  • SPEC #: 18626
  • Code: 18-16-26