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Equipment Catalog. A publication with a systematically arranged listing of products available from the company issuing the publication. Usually focused upon a limited product line such as laboratory equipment, industrial equipment, safety products, etc.

  • SPEC #: 18809
  • Code: 18-00-09


Industrial Equipment. This generally refers to the various tools and equipment used by plant maintenance and production personnel working in an manufacturing environment. This equipment includes material handling equipment, such as fork lifts, lift carts, conveyors, and pallets; sanitation equipment such as floor washers, pressure washers, and cleaning materials; and safety equipment such as protective clothing, safety glasses, and steel-toed shoes.

  • SPEC #: 18804
  • Code: 18-00-04


Laboratory Equipment. This generally refers to the various tools and equipment used by scientists and technicians working in a laboratory; equipment used to perform experiments, take measurements, or gather data. These include tools such as Bunsen burners, and microscopes, laboratory glassware, as well as high-end specialty equipment such as conditioning chambers, spectrophotometers, calorimeters, autoclaves, etc.

  • SPEC #: 18805
  • Code: 18-00-05

Skids/Fab Shops

Equipment: Skids and Fab Shops. Skids, also called pallets, are flat transport structures that support goods in a stable fashion while being lifted by a forklift truck, a pallet jack, or other jacking device. A pallet is the foundation of a unit load design, which can be as simple as placing the goods on a pallet, and securing them with straps or stretch-wrapped plastic film. Fab Shops, fabrication shops, are fixed or portable facilities stocked with equipment and supplies required to maintain, repair, duplicate, or create components required for systems operation. The equipment stocked depends upon the process being serviced.

  • SPEC #: 18808
  • Code: 18-00-08


Used Equipment. Preowned equipment that has been repaired, refurbished, and, if applicable, re-tested, and is being offered for sale at prices significantly less that new equipment of the same type. Ofter sold with limited guarantees.

  • SPEC #: 18806
  • Code: 18-00-06