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Assembled Industrial Control Panels

Industrial Control Panels. Control panels are flat, typically vertical, areas where control or monitoring instruments are mounted and displayed to provide convenient and centralized location for operating various equipments. They are factory wired assemblies of industrial control equipment such as motor controllers, switches, relays and auxiliary devices. The panels may include disconnect means, and motor branch circuit protective devices. Control panels may also include enclosures which are intended to house open type industrial control panels or individual items of industrial control equipment.

  • SPEC #: 17664
  • Code: 17-60-04


Control Panel Enclosures. These enclosures are cabinets designed for housing electrical or electronic equipment, protecting equipment from the environment, and for protecting users from shock or injury. Front panels provide access to switches, knobs, and displays. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) publishes standards for the performance of various classes of electrical enclosures. These standards cover corrosion resistance and the ability to protect from rain and submersion. Some enclosures are provided with partially punched openings that can be removed to accommodate cables, connectors, or conduits.

  • SPEC #: 17661
  • Code: 17-60-01

Power Supplies

Control Panel Power Supplies. These are a type of power supply designed to mount on DIN rails on control panels manufactured to DIN standards.

  • SPEC #: 17662
  • Code: 17-60-02

Terminal Blocks

Control Panel Terminal Blocks. These are any of several styles of terminal blocks designed to mount on DIN rails on control panels manufactured to DIN standards.

  • SPEC #: 17663
  • Code: 17-60-03