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Chromatography Systems

Biopharmaceutical Chromatography Systems. Chromatography is the collective term for a family of laboratory techniques for the separation of mixtures. Chromatography may be preparative or analytical. Preparative chromatography separates components of a mixture for further use. Analytical chromatography measures the relative proportions of components in a mixture. Ion chromatography is a process that allows the separation of ions and polar molecules based on the charge properties of the molecules. It can be used for almost any kind of charged molecule including large proteins, small nucleotides and amino acids.

  • SPEC #: 18613
  • Code: 18-16-13

Enviromental Chambers

Environmental Chambers: Equipment used to perform scientific testing of products under a variety of stresses and environmental conditions. These chambers can simulate environments with extreme temperatures, humidity levels, altitude, radiation, wind, bacteria, dust and chemical exposure.

  • SPEC #: 18608
  • Code: 18-16-08