Things to Consider

Capacity (gallons), Material (typically stainless steel), Heating method, Agitator assembly type, Reinforced rim, Pouring lip, Tilt handle, Faucet, Electrical control box, Etch markings for measuring quantity of fill, Polished interior (specify emery grit finish), Exterior finish for ease of cleaning and bright appearance, ASME code, UL listing, Maximum working pressure, Sanitary requirements, NSF listing, Kettle temperature range, Power requirement, Rust inhibitors, Thermostat, Built in contactor, Pressure gauge, Front mounted water sight glass, Heating indicator lamp, Agitator on-off and variable speed control switch, Safety tilt cut-off, Pressure relief valve, High limit pressure switch, Low water cut off, 24V control system, Agitator safety tilt cut off, Thermostatically controlled, Automatic shut off when desired temperature is reached, Automatic turn on when product temperature falls below desired setting, One person tilt capability (even when kettle is full to capacity), Hot & cold faucets, Basket insert option, Lift off cover option, Holder for lift off cover option, Stand mounting option, Kettle brush kit, Dimensions, Weight, Installation requirements, Warranty


  • Code: 18-01-05
  • SPEC #: 18107