Things to Consider

Adequate lighting, Wheelchair accessible, Ease of use for normal ranges of manual dexterity, Legible labels, Numbered instructions, Controls reachable from wheelchair, Display screen, keypad, and/or controls shielded from sunlight, Parallax minimized or eliminated, Multi-lingual or Bilingual capabilities, Simple vocabulary, Inductive loop facility, Audio jack socket, Audible feedback of keyboard input, Speech output, Video link, Telephone layout for numeric keys, Raised dot on number 5, Clear visual markings on keys, Raised or recessed keys, Well spaced keys, Internally illuminated keys, Tactile feedback on keys, Generous time allowed for key input, Option to increase character size on display screens, Large key fields on touchscreens, Text accompanying graphical symbols, Speech output option, Security provisions, Instructions at least 16 point type size, Good contrast text, No background patterns, Easy to read typefaces, Short line lengths, Instruction manual, Instructions on audio tape or by video, Training provisions


  • Code: 17-50-05
  • SPEC #: 17655