Pete Rogers : Waters

When I was asked to expand Waters Corporation existing facilities into an area that was immediately adjacent to their hazard (H) space, I knew it was going to be a challenge. The hazard space had an external R4 firewall.  The situation was further complicated because the roof needed to remain supported by the firewall in case of a fire. We had to find a way to design the expansion without moving or changing the firewall.

This type of situation would usually result in an architectural design with a separate building connected by a corridor, which would have solved the problem initially but limited the client’s ability to expand their facility in the future. It also would have caused logistical problems moving raw materials and finished products between the two buildings.

We found a way around this problem by building another fire wall immediately next to the original, effectively making a new building, while still adhering to the client’s request to expand their original space.

Pete's Bio

"I’ve always been in this industry; and in fact, I was involved with design/build firms from the start." Pete has almost 40 years of experience and has really done it all, from designing schools on Cape Cod to palaces in Saudi Arabia.