What We Do

Complex Manufacturing Projects Completed Faster

and On Budget

SPEC Process Engineering & Construction specializes in technically demanding manufacturing projects. Specifically, our engineering team is well versed in the following types of projects:

  1. New manufacturing processes
  2. Using solvents, flammables, and other raw materials that require special handling and regulatory approval
  3. Specialized utility and environmental requirements

After two decades of experience, our project execution model has become an industry standard for speed, budget control and process engineering accuracy. Our approach eliminates inefficiencies in the design-bid-build model and can cut your schedule by as much as 30% without increasing budget while maintaining tight control of your process requirements.


Preliminary Project Evaluation

Quickly and accurately budgeting capital requirements is a critical first step in any project and selling the project to your executive team.  If your projection is too high, you risk having your capital request denied by your management or Board of Directors. If your projection is too low, you face going back to ask for more money after the fact. Our preliminary Scope Study gives you a firm handle on project scope and a realistic budget for a small investment.


Schematic Design

Our Schematic Design Package establishes the cost of a project without having to give a full project design. At SPEC our goal is to develop 30% of the design – enough to give you full understanding of the entire project scope and enough detail to accurately bid the project.

Our Schematic Design package includes architectural, mechanical and electrical drawings for all facility components of a project.  We develop PFD’s,  P&ID’s  and equipment layouts where required.  We develop detailed equipment and instrument lists with preliminary specifications. We give you everything you need to understand your project and get a contract price without the massive upfront costs typically associated with this aspect of a project.


Project Execution

The transition from design to construction with SPEC Process Engineering & Construction is absolutely seamless.  Upon your approval, we can immediately assemble Approved for Construction drawings, order long lead equipment, mobilize in the field and begin work. No lengthy RFI process, no miscommunication, and the team that designed your project is the same team that is building your project.